7 Valuable Qualities To Look Out For When Choosing A Life Partner

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While the most important thing in finding a right partner is to find someone who is fundamentally compatible with yourself & is willing to commit into loving you & building a relationship with you, there are certain valuable character & personality traits that would be good to have in a life partner that you should look out for, especially so for character traits since a person’s character will heavily influence how they react in various situations & how they live life.

At the same time, we should also strive towards these personality & character traits to be a better partner for our other halves.


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Life would be more fulfilling & meaningful if you are passionate about living & growing into a better person.

If your partner is motivated & committed to personal growth, you’ll find that they’ll keep growing into better partners who will love you more, care for you more & keep striving towards providing you with a better quality of life. They would also inspire you to grow together with them.


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An emotionally open partner will save you a lot of frustration & exhaustion from trying to figure out how your partner actually feels about things & issues. It can be extremely difficult & taxing to care for someone who is not willing to reveal their hearts & emotion to you.

In any relationship, there will be problems and challenges; but an emotionally open partner would make life much easier by enabling the both of you to calmly communicate your problems & feelings to each other so you can share your burden or joy together.


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Finding a life partner with integrity will save you from a lot of heartbreak & emotional roller-coaster rides as you never have to guess whether they are telling the truth or doing something that might hurt your feelings.

It makes it much easier for you to trust them and believe in them, which is important for any relationship to be successful.


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A mature & responsible life partner makes it much easier for the both of you to build your lives together for you can always rely on them to do their part.

But of course, by mature & responsible we don’t mean that you should find someone who is too serious all the time, we all have our childish & fun moments & they are important.

Essentially, what we mean to say is that it would be good to find someone who can step up to be an adult when there is a need for them to.


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A partner with a healthy self-esteem will naturally be a more vibrant & joyful partner to be with and will not need your constant attention & reassurances.

Of course, that is not to say that we should not continue to express our love & appreciation for our partners, we should definitely still continue to do that to strengthen our relationships. Our point is that having a partner with a healthy self-esteem that does not constantly crave for your attention & reassurances would free up valuable personal space that would allow your relationship to grow healthily as two amazing & unique individuals who have chosen to build their lives together.



Life is tough.

It is full of ups and downs, bad times & good times; but you’d rather go through bad times with a positive & encouraging person rather than being bogged down by the doubts & worries of a negative person during good times.

A positive person will light up your life, they will be able to be the beacon of light that pulls you out of your darkest times, make tough times bearable and seem almost adventurous.

In short, a partner with a positive attitude towards life will make you a much happier person and bring much more joy & happiness to your relationship as you go on an adventure through this long & daunting journey called life together.


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Lastly, your relationship would be much more romantic & interesting if you can find someone whom you have good personal chemistry with.

If you are fundamentally compatible, personal chemistry can usually develop later, but there will be some people whom you are able to develop a better chemistry with than others, and it would be good to find someone whom you have reasonably good chemistry with to make your relationship more romantic & passionate.

“Although love is about being able to see perfection in an imperfect partner, it is also about helping each other become a better person. Hence, we should also keep striving to become better partners for our better halves…”

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