Indicate Interest

What does indicating an interest mean?

Indicating an interest simply means that you are interested to date someone to get to know them better romantically.

No strings attached, if you find that you actually like each other after getting to know each other better over a series of dates and want to take your relationship further, then great!

If not, both of you would just continue being friends.


Indicating an interest DOES NOT necessarily mean that you love them or have a crush on them.

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What’s the purpose of indicating an interest?

The purpose of indicating an interest is to find out if the person you’re interested in also feels the same way about you. If yes, it would be much easier and less awkward to ask each other out on a date because you know that both of you are actually interested to go out on a date with each other.

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Go to “Friend List”. Scroll through your friends, suggested friends or search for a friend you’re interested in.

If you would consider going out on a date with that person to get to know him/her more, then click on the circle next to the person’s name to indicate and interest.

A tick will appear and your interest will be active for 6 months.

Indicate Interest

(Only available on PCs at the moment)

Stay tuned for iOS & Android versions that are coming soon!


The person you indicated an interest in WILL NOT be notified of your identity at all. It is completely safe & anonymous.


Note that you can only indicate an interest to date someone once a month free of charge.

To indicate interest in more than one person a month, you will have to spend 1 credit for each extra indication.

So, only indicate an interest in people you are really interested to date, or earn more free credits by describing your friends or matchmaking your friends!


The other person will go through their friend list and suggested friends list and would also indicate an interest in people they would consider going out on a date with.

If the other person also happens to indicate an interest in you, then we would notify the both of you in the Responses Page.


If there is mutual interest and we notified you through our Responses Page, simply facebook message, call or ask each other out on a date since you know that the other person is also interested.

Don’t be shy. The other person is already interested in you.

If you are still clueless, you can click on the “What’s Next” button or check out our relationship blog for tips.


We sincerely believe that the best way to know someone better and to strike up a possible romance is to go on a series of dates to get to know each other better and build your relationship together.

So take action and go on a date!

We will gradually provide guides and tips on how to spice up your dates or relationships on our blog and app if you would like to refer to them.

If you have indicated an interest but received no response. Don’t feel bad.

It could be that the person:

  •  is not using our app yet
  • did not have the time to look through their friends or suggested friends
  •  is not looking for a relationship at the moment or hasn’t noticed you yet.

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If you would like to try harder, you can:

  • Describe the person so he/she knows what you think about them as a friend and would discover our app and scroll through their friends
  • Tell the person about our app and site when you meet them on casual friend outings so they will start using our app & possibly indicate an interest in you
  • Send a secret note/gift to the person to get to know the person better & so they will notice you
  • Monitor the status on your responses page under “people I am interested in” and re-activate your interest after it expires in 6 months just in case the person starts using the app, notices you or is suddenly interested in you. You never know, better be safe than sorry.

Indicating an interest DOES NOT mean that you love or like that person, it only means that you would consider going out on a casual first date with the person to get to know each other more and see whether you are right for each other.


Do not invest too much hope & emotion into your first dates, just be yourself, treat it as a casual friendly outing where you get to know each other better as a friend that could potentially be your girlfriend or boyfriend. Be passionate, caring and loving, but not overly hopeful, get to know each other better first and see how it goes from there.

You are a special and amazing person, and the right partner for you should be able to understand you, appreciate both the good and bad in you and see the best in you. Do not waste your heart on someone who doesn’t know how to appreciate you, your heart deserves someone who does, and that person is definitely out there somewhere.

Keep looking, and we’ll do our best to help you find him/her.

“Have no regrets. Just try, for you never know for sure what could happen…”