Shipping Policy


  1. On We Could Happen, Credits or virtual goods, once purchased are usually directly credited into your accounts via the system. Should there be any glitch in the system, kindly provide proof of said glitch and contact us via our facebook page or website to sort out the error within 14 days, otherwise We Could Happen reserves the right to not entertain your requests. Please also refer to our refund policy to better understand our policies.


  1. When we do occasionally offer deals that require shipping in our capacity or by 3rd party merchants, should the package not arrive, liability should lie with the shipping company and not We Could Happen. Unless there was an internal administration error within We Could Happen or the 3rd party vendor, which if can be sufficiently proved and brought to our attention within 14 days of supposed shipment, we shall resolve with our client via customer support via our facebook page or website.