How To Discover Someone’s Date Preferences?

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Ever wondered whether you are the kind of guy or girl someone you’re interested in is looking for?

Now you can find out by clicking on their “Date Preferences”.

That would give you an idea whether the both of you are compatible and whether you two should go on a date together.

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Scroll or search the person’s profile in your Friend List


Click on the “Date Preference” button


We will show you the person’s date preferences and what kind of qualities he/she is looking for and not looking for in a potential date if that person has updated their profiles.

Find Out Now

(Only available on PCs at the moment)

Stay tuned for iOS & Android versions that are coming soon!

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It will cost you credits each time you check out a person’s “Date Preferences”, if the person has not updated his/her date preferences yet, we will let you know and no credits will be deducted.

You can describe the person to let the person know about our app so they will update their date preferences.


You will be rewarded free credits for updating your own date preferences in the Account Settings Page.

“Sometimes, you might be surprised to find that you’re actually the type of guy or girl that your friend has always been looking for, but they just never got to know you enough to find out. You never know…”

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