Our Vision

Have you ever been interested in someone but did not dare to ask the person out on a date for various reasons, felt like doing something nice for a nice friend of yours and get to know him/her better to see if you are right for each other, or encountered problems & difficulties in your relationships but did not know who and where to turn to?

If you haven’t, do you know a friend who has?

We Could Happen is a relationship focused social network that was built with these problems in mind and aims to help people find their right partners in life with the help of trusted friends and go on to build strong lasting relationships via our array of tools and features that are specially designed to catalyse and foster strong lasting relationships.

Through this, we hope to make the world a more loving and hopeful place with more love and less heartbreak.

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Catalysing Relationships

We are committed to keep building features and tools on our platform that would allow amazing people to find each other with the help of trusted friends, discover interesting things about each other and also to express their feelings comfortably.

In short, we help you navigate through confusing grey areas by making things simple while keeping the sweet moments intact.

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Building Relationships

We also hope to be the wise friend, sibling or elder whom you could always turn to as a guide to relationships. We hope to collect and publish as many valuable insights as possible from various sources that could help couples build fundamentally strong and lasting relationships.

In addition, we also plan to gradually roll out a series of tools that could help couples strengthen their relationships and keep it as passionate and romantic as ever.

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“Love starts by taking the first step in sharing and giving, and friendships are maintained by regularly caring and appreciating…”