How To Send Secret Note/Gift? [The Secret Angel Game]

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Remember your younger days when you would pass sweet secret love notes & gifts to your crush in school?

We are bringing that back online!

We believe that love starts with first caring & giving unconditionally, bit by bit, without expecting any returns.

So here’s your opportunity to get to know someone better anonymously while doing sweet little things for each other like sending a caring note or a nice little gift.

It will also be fun to guess who the sender is or to know that you have secretly made someone’s day!

You can only send or receive notes/gifts from your friends or your friend’s friends whom they have suggested to you so it’s completely safe.

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Scroll or search for the person you’d like to get to know better and click on the “Send Secret Note/Gift” button

Send Note Gift

(Only available on PCs at the moment)

Stay tuned for iOS & Android versions that are coming soon!


Choose to send a Secret Note or a Gift

Secret Note:

A sweet little note that can be a compliment, some words of encouragement or a caring question to brighten up someone’s day or to start a conversation.

Secret Gift:

It can be a nice E-card with encouraging words to brighten up someone’s day or a nice little gift voucher (coming soon).


Choose your Secret Pen Name & refer to our tips if you are not sure on what to write.

Once you’re done. Click send and he/she will receive your secret note/gift.


Wait for a reply.

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The recipient will first have 3 options:

Like – they love your secret note/gift

Neutral – they think your secret note/gift is pretty alright and don’t mind getting to know you more

Dislike – they did not like your secret note/gift and do not wish to continue the conversation

If the recipient clicks dislike, it will be the end of that particular conversation and you will be notified.

If the recipient clicks like or neutral, they can:

Have 3 free guesses on which of their friends might have sent them that note/gift 

(Any further guesses will be chargeable)

Don’t worry, if they even bother to guess who you are, chances are that they find your note/gift sweet and are interested to get to know you better. Plus the chances of getting it right on the first note/gift is pretty small as it could be any of their friends or suggested friends.

Have an option to reply you with a note or a gift to start a conversation to get to know you better

(They probably haven’t guessed who you are but think that you are a nice person and would like to get to know you better)
Spend a huge amount of money on credits to reveal your identity

(Don’t worry, if they are willing to spend so much to reveal your identity, they must be really interested in you, or else they won’t even bother.)


If the person does not reply, perhaps he/she is not using the app yet. You can try sending another note/gift sometime later.

If the person replies, then continue the conversation and get to know each other better until they manage to guess who you are or when you choose to reveal yourself to them by hinting or telling them.

“Love starts with first caring & giving unconditionally, bit by bit, without expecting any returns…”

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