10 Areas To Look Into To Know If You Are Compatible With Someone

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To know if you are generally compatible with someone, there are 10 areas in your lives that can be categorized under 3 main categories that you can look into.

For the relationship to be successful, the both of you do not have to be compatible in every single area. As long as there is a general compatibility in most areas and not too big a disparity, you should do fine.

But of course, the more compatible you are in these areas, the easier it is to build a relationship as there would be less friction in your relationship. Hence, you should consider looking into them.


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1.   Spiritual Lifestyle

  • Are both of you equally religious or unreligious?
  • Is there a big disparity in spiritual beliefs?

2.   Pace & Style of Personal Growth

  • Are both of you equally committed or uncommitted to self-improvement?
  • If yes, are the both of you growing at the same pace or is there a great disparity?
  • Do you share some of the methods to personal growth like reading books or attending events?

3.   Physical Style/Appearance

  • Do both of you have compatible dress sense or expectations on physical fitness?

4.   Financial Style

  • Do both of you have compatible and agreeable spending, saving and investment habits?




5.   Style of Expressing & Receiving Love

  • Do both of you have compatible needs and styles of expressing and receiving love?

6.   Communication Style

  • Are you able to communicate and understand each other well?
  • Are you able to effectively express and understand your feelings to each other?

7.   Sexual Style

  • Are you able agreeable to each other’s expectations on sex?




8.   Intellectual Style

  • Are you able to understand each other’s train of thought?
  • Is there a big disparity in conversational topics?

9.   Social Style

  • Can you accept each other’s friends and social circles?
  • Can you accept each other’s social style and activities?

10.  Hobbies & Interests

  • Do you share, appreciate or accept each other’s interests and hobbies?

These are just some simple questions that could help you get an idea of how compatible you are with your partner. To be compatible, it does not mean that you must share the same traits as each other, that would probably make the relationship dull and boring.

However, it is important for the both of you to be able to appreciate, understand and accept each other in as many of these areas as possible, or at least agree to work towards it. Otherwise, you run the risk of straining your relationship in the future due to friction in these areas.

“We are all amazing & unique individuals…”

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