How To Discover Interesting Things About Friends?

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Discover interesting things about long lost friends, friends you just met or friends you din’t have the time to get to know well in the past!


Scroll through your Friend List


Check out your friend’s profile statement at the top of their profile.

If you don’t see it, they probably haven’t updated their profile yet or have not heard of us yet.

Describe them to let them know how cool you think they are & to let them know about our app!

Discover now

(Only available on PCs at the moment)

Stay tuned for iOS & Android versions that are coming soon!


Remember to update your profile statement to let your friends or potential dates know one interesting thing about you!


You can also:

  • Check out their “Date Preferences”
  • Check out what their friends say about them


“We often don’t spend enough time caring & getting to know our friends, so start caring more today…”

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