Refund & Return Policy


  1.    If there is a glitch in our system or app in processing your credits or purchases, you can
  2. Generally, you agree that We Could Happen Credits, Deals, E-Cards & Vouchers are not refundable once purchased unless there is proof of a glitch in the system that did not deliver the right amount of credits, Deals, E-Cards or Vouchers.
  • Notify us to arrange a refund or correction provided that you’re able to sufficiently and convincingly proof your payment and a glitch in our system or app.
  • Such a refund or return request must be made within 14 days of the purchase or glitch.


  1. If the Vouchers or deals involve a 3rd party merchant, you agree to indemnify We Could Happen form any liability and pursue action against the 3rd party merchant instead.