How To Matchmake Your Friends?

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Do you have 2 single and amazing friends whom you think should get to know each other?

Now you can suggest them to each other via our matchmaking tool!


You can choose either to reveal or not reveal your identity to both or either one of them.

We also assure you that it won’t be awkward between the both of them or between you and them.

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Go to the “Matchmaking Tab” and select the two friends you would like to matchmake


Select who you want to reveal your identity to, it can be none of them, one of them, or both of them.

They will receive a notification that “a friend” has suggested a friend for them or you have suggested a friend for them depending on whether you choose to reveal your identity and will appear on each other’s suggested friends list.


By default your identity will be kept secret. It also won’t be awkward between your friends or you because if they are not interested in each other, they can just ignore or skip that suggested friend or pretend to have been too busy to check it out.

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You will be rewarded free credits for matchmaking a certain number of friends.


Discover how many matches you made were successful, how many were not and how many had half matches.

Successful Matches:  It means that both your friends you matchmade indicated an interest in each other.

Half Matches: It means that only one of the two friends you matchmade indicated an interest in the other.

Matchmake your friends

(Only available on PCs at the moment)

Stay tuned for iOS & Android versions that are coming soon!


You will only know the number and percentage of successful, unsuccessful and half matches, their identities will not be revealed to you.


You can earn free credits for every successful match.

“True friends are always genuinely interested in each others’ lives and would want the best for each other…”

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