How To Turn Down Someone Nicely & Politely?

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We believe that it is a huge privilege and compliment if someone admires or likes you, but unfortunately, sometimes you just don’t feel the same way, and that’s perfectly normal.

However, we believe that it is courtesy to turn someone down nicely if they have the courage to confess their feelings to us. This is because the same thing might happen to us if someone we are interested in does not feel the same way about us.

If you feel that someone might be interested in you but you do not feel the same way towards that person, you can use our App to send a clear message that you are not interested without being awkward or hurting the person.

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Tell him/her about this amazing App called We Could Happen that you would definitely use to indicate an interest if you are interested to go on a date with someone.


If the person is really interested in you, they will definitely use our App to Indicate and Interest to date you.

Just MAKE SURE that you DO NOT indicate an interest back at them.


After some time, it will be clear to that person that you are not interested in him/her because if you were, our App would have notified the both of you!

Either that, or that person was not interested in you in the first place and never indicated an interest in you, which means you had nothing to worry about in the first place.

Occasionally, the person might ask you whether you would really use our App if you are interested in someone, just RE-ASSURE that person that you are and you would definitely use We Could Happen if you are interested in someone.

That would have made the message that you are not interested very clear and most people would understand.

By doing this, you would have avoided the awkwardness in rejecting someone or leading someone on and hurting them unintentionally for you are able to let them know your position early on.

Check Out App

(Only available on PCs at the moment)

Stay tuned for iOS & Android versions that are coming soon!

“It is a huge privilege & compliment to be admired by someone. If the feelings aren’t mutual, it doesn’t mean that one is not good enough for another, it is simply a case of two amazing & unique individuals who are not compatible romantically. We all take turns admiring someone and being admired. Hence, it would be nice for us to turn down someone nicely & politely if we’re not interested in them, for we would appreciate the same if it happens to us…”

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