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Do you have amazing friends who are still single or are you still looking for the right one yourself? With our App, you can Describe your friends, Matchmake your friends &...

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Do you have nice & amazing friends? Describe them to let everyone know what amazing friends you have and what you think of them! If they are single, that would allow their potential...

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Have you ever been interested in someone but dared not express your feelings due to various reasons? Have you ever wondered whether the person also feels the same way towards you?...

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Have you ever been admired by someone but you somehow just don't feel the same way? Now there's a way to turn someone down nicely and politely so you won't lead...

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Indicating an interest simply means that you are interested to go out on a date with the person to get to know him/her better romantically. No strings attached, if you find...

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Do you have 2 single and amazing friends whom you think should get to know each other? Now you can suggest them to each other via our matchmaking tool!

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Ever wondered whether you are the kind of guy or girl someone you're interested in is looking for? Now you can find out by clicking on their “Date Preferences”.

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Discover interesting things about long lost friends, friends you just met or friends you din’t have the time to get to know well in the past!

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Remember your younger days when you would pass sweet secret love notes & gifts to your crush in school? We are bringing that back online!

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Let your friends or your potential dates know how interesting you are and what kind of date/partner you are looking for by updating your profile!