Credits System

You will need credits to:

1. Indicate extra interest per month

(you can only indicate 1 interest per month for free)

2. Check out Date Preferences

3. Send Secret Note/Gift

4. Have extra guesses for Secret Note/Gifts

5. Reveal Secret Note/Gifts sender’s identity

You can earn free credits by:

1. Updating your Date Preferences

2. Updating your Profile Statement

3. Describing Friends (every 10 friends)

4. Matchmaking Friends (every 10 friends)

(coming soon)

5. For every successful pair your matchmake

(That means the 2 friends you match-made indicated interest in each other)

6. Sharing about our app/asking your friends to describe you on your Account Settings Page

7. Inviting your friends to use the App on the Account Settings Page

You can also buy credits:

If you are too busy to earn free credits, you can also buy them at our Account Settings Page

(Coming Soon)

“We wish you the best of luck in using our innovative relationship building tools to help your friends or yourself find & build strong lasting relationships…”