4 Key Ingredients Needed To Build A Lasting Relationship

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The 4 fundamental building blocks of a strong & lasting relationship are character, compatibility, chemistry & commitment.

If you get these 4 fundamental building blocks right, you should be able to build a strong & successful relationship with your life partner.



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Before you even start to look for your life partner, you should first strive to be the person you’d like to be with. Strive towards being a person that you yourself would be attracted to, and an important thing you’d need to build is your character, for your character would influence many of your choices, decisions & reactions.

To be able to love someone, you must first learn to love yourself.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for a good life partner to spend the rest of your life with, you should also strive to be such a partner for them right?

Once you’ve build your own character, find someone who has also build theirs and are willing to continue growing together with you.




It is very important for you & your life partner to be both fundamentally & generally compatible because your incompatibilities would eventually cause serious cracks to appear in your relationship even though you might have excellent chemistry together or a strong commitment to be together.

If you are fundamentally incompatible with your partner, you are basically not the right ones for each other. You might stick to the relationship purely based on love, infatuation or commitment and maybe even go on to be married with kids, but you run the risk that your marriage would eventually be a very unhappy one that might end in divorce or an unhappy environment for your kids to grow up in.


“If you choose the right partner, life can be like heaven on earth; but if you choose the wrong one, it will be like a living hell…”


Fundamental Compatibility

If you are fundamentally incompatible with your partner, we’d suggest that you let them go even though you might be very attracted to them or have a strong personal chemistry with them. This is because they are basically not the right life partner for you. They would make good friends or flings, but if you choose to choose them as your life partner, you run the risk of committing into a potentially tumultuous or unhappy relationship or even marriage.

But of course, the choice of whether to take this risk is still entirely up to you.

If your relationship falls under any one of the 8 Types Of Relationships That Won’t Work, happen to have one of the 5 Relationship Time Bombs but the both of you aren’t willing to face & defuse those “time bombs” together, your partner happens to have one or more of the 8 Deadly Traits To Look Out For In A Life Partner, or if there is something that you simply can’t accept in your partner but you’re trying really hard to forcefully accept, then you are fundamentally incompatible with them.


General Compatibility

We are all unique individuals and come from different backgrounds. Our uniqueness is one of our greatest attractions but it could also cause problems in a relationship if the disparity is too large.

For a relationship to be successful, a couple does not need to have a perfect score in general compatibility. In fact, our uniqueness & differences is what makes a relationship fun & interesting.

However, it is important for a couple to have at least a healthy score in terms of general compatibility to be able to effectively build their relationship together. Otherwise, it can be quite an uphill battle.




Chemistry & Sexual Attraction are usually the first few things most people look out for in a potential partner these days.

While having good chemistry & sexual attraction alone isn’t enough to build a strong & lasting relationship, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t important.

After all, romance is a key part in a romantic relationship. If there is no chemistry or sexual attraction between the couple at all, it is almost impossible for them to build a strong romantic relationship together no matter how compatible they are. They could be very good friends of the opposite sex, but not our romantic life partners.

Chemistry & sexual attraction are very subjective in nature as beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and we are all wired differently, but there will definitely be someone out there who knows how to appreciate us. We’ll just have to keep searching until we find one who also happens to be compatible with us.

Furthermore, it is also interesting to note that chemistry & sexual attraction can develop later in a relationship if the couple is actually compatible with each other.



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Once you’ve found & chose the right partner for life, the glue that makes the relationship a strong and lasting one is the commitment from both sides to go on this adventure called life together and always be there for each other.

No couple in the world can be fully in love & infatuated with each other all the time. There will be times where there will be arguments, where you will face hardships together or get angry at each other.

It is the commitment from the couple to work things out no matter what out of their love for each other that makes a relationship a strong & lasting one. If you’ve found a right partner for yourself who is compatible with you, that shouldn’t be too hard.

However, commitment still requires effort and sacrifice. That is why we have wedding vows, and that’s also why love is not merely a feeling, an act, or an emotion, it is also a choice you’ll have to make to choose to love someone and spend the rest of your lives together.


“Building a relationship is like preparing a gourmet cuisine, it requires the right timing, sufficient effort and the right ingredients…”


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